NATIONALITY: Mexican / Spanish


Pro-active, multi-tasking, efficient, capacity of adaptation and interpretation of information.
Organization of equipment and different activities, high ability to prioritize. Ability to solve
under pressure andlook for alternative solutions.Motivationof staff. Search for theoretical,
technical and contextual justification for the projects. Volume management in the design


ITESM, Campus Monterrey, Generation 1995. Graduate with Honors.
Spanish Homologation (Resolution: 12-07-2007 In process)

"The large scale: the architecture of the new environments". UPC–Barcelona. March 1997-July1998.


'Architectural projects: historical and social factors”. Ongoing.

-Project of PhD thesis:
"Tourism development and cities of service. The strategy of the spectacle in the tourist developments:
Cancún as the construction of a stage.”

-“Technical energy certification for buildings"-EUROINNOVA-In progress.
-"Auditing and certification of systems for energy efficiency inbuildings"-EUROINNOVA. May 2013.
-"Training of trainers". National employment service, Instr. Alicia Sanchez, Cancún, Q.Roo. April 2011.
-"Solar energy: thermal and photovoltaics." CTE-Centre tecnic europeu, Barcelona. (June -Dec 2007)
-"Creation and management of companies: self-employment". Barcelona Activa (Oct 2007-January 2008)
-"Glass sculpture". 2001 / 2007-2008. FCDV, Barcelona.
-"Project in time". 1998 UPC, Barcelona.



2013 Free-lance Architect


2007 Collaboration with property management, Interior design, budget analysis, control and execution of projects.
Interior rehabilitation of housing in Barcelona. Interior re-design La Fragata restaurant, Playa del


2011-2013 Collaboration with A+C office

control, implementation and execution.Barcelona,Spain.2007-2009


2011 Architect / Urban Designer
Grupo Ingenieria y Negocios, Cancún-México

Responsible of design department. Analysis and urban projects design (Tuxtla & Puebla) and re-design proposals
for details and execution in two Residence projects.(Cancún, México)

May -July 2011

2010 PhD Collaboration UPC-LAA (Paris)
Anthropology and Architecture Laboratory – París.

Research and documental work linking Doctoral thesis and “Le Grand Paris”
(Urban interventions and tourist image).
October 2010– February 2011

2008 Technical Execution: Curtain wall / Locksmith
Ainter,S.L. (Barcelona) – Metalworking

Curtain Wall: control of staff and coordination of activities, planning for
the ítems awarded, processing certifications.
Locksmith: Measurements, budget proposals. Project management of the budgeted Works.
(Hotel Barcelo Raval, Espais-Poble Nou, L9-Metro Barcelona)
January 2008 – September 2008

2007 Construction Site Manager
Arquitectura més Construcció, Carlos González S.L. (Barcelona)–Construction Company

Budget analysis of subcontractors, comparative reports, certifications, monitoring and evaluation of results at
execution. Personal control and coordination day by day in the different locations. Solving problems between
architecture firm and the owner or principal client.

January -September 2007

2006  Technical Study and Budget Department / Assistant of Direction
Bailen 99 –Construction Company (Rubí)

Assistant of the Director Department. Project analysis, measurements, budget analysis of subcontractors,
comparative reports, pursuit of workexecution for future interventions.

April 2006 – December 2006

2005 Contract for Research Department Architecture
2001 UPC, Barcelona

Research contract to coordinate publications and management of Master Degree: The Project. (Director: Dr.
Josep Muntañola)
Organization of conferences, press conferences, broadcasting events and coordination of the agenda of the

September 2001– January 2003– Coordination publications and congresses.

January 2004-July 2005 –– Grant and research contract.

2003 Construction Site Manager
2002 Voramar Trade, S.L.–Construction Company (Viladecans-Barcelona)

Configuration of budgets, project management of the assigned projects.
Direct costumer relationship and with property administration offices.

June 2002 – June 2003

1998 Architect / Design Department
Constructora Costero, S.A de C.V. –Construction Company (Cancún,México)

Design department, conceptualization, autocad drafting, control of payments for subcontractors, eventual
construction site manager. January1996–February 1997 / November 1997–January 1998


1995 Architect
Despacho A + V (Arq. Alexandre Lenoir )–Architecture Office
Internship. Design Department / February – June 1995.


1994 Landscape – Community Service
Junta de mejoras 6º.Y 7º.Sector, Paseo Residencial
Community Service – Community Park / September -December 1994


1992 Construction Site Manager -Assistant
Community Service – Fraccionamiento residencial (Housing) / June -July 1994

Assistant for the Construction Site Manager Coordinate the planning and construction phases, autocad drafting, organization of the site documents, site surveying.


2000 Committee Organizer / Speaker
International Architectural Congress
UPC, Barcelona / February -June 2000


1996 Teaching Assistant (Design I)
La Salle University-Cancún, Quintana Roo
August -December 1996


1995 Teaching Assistant (Design I)
Architecture Department -ITESM / Arq. Hermas Haaz
January -June 1995.



International Architectural Congress – UPC, Barcelona.
2004 -Coordination of key speakers, sponsors, branding and publication of the resume of the event.
2000 -Coordination of simultaneous traduction, logistic of the areas, social events and branding.



-Excelence Grant ITESM/August 1990-May1995
-CONACYT Grant /(Master Degree and PhD Studies ) / February 1997-July 2002


-Member of Claustre of University UPC, Barcelona (PhD Students) 2001
-Finalist Logo of the XXV Anniver sary of Cancún 1995
-Award for Academic Excellence
(Federation of Professional Associations of Nuevo León, A. C.) 1995


LANGUAGES: Catalán Medium-high level
English High level (TOEFL)
French Intermediate
COMPUTER SKILLS: Windows, Office, Excell, Autocad, Memphis V.6 (Presto), Photoshop, Corel Draw, Internet
COURSES: Time management, interpersonal relationships, creativity, leadership, assertiveness,
teambuilding, groups management, neuro-linguistic programming, problem analysis,
decision-making, project manager.

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